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Wild Orissa initiated eco-tourism projects during 2003. The ecotourism projects involved the members of the bird protection committee. Further the education awareness and environmental awareness program has helped in enlisting the support of the younger generation of these villages into becoming conscious citizens of the nation, with an ability to comprehend the serious environmental threats facing our earth and imbibing an intent to address and tackle such problems. The eco-tourism initiatives have to have a high degree of visibility and assured success, based as it is on a renowned conservation model. Tourists and tourism sector has grown during 5 years. [Neema & Ashish, 2006]


Since poaching of birds and their eggs is stopped, the members seek for a viable alternative of livelihood. In these efforts these poachers left easy lucrative source of income merely for protection of birds.


Chilika Development Authority undertook infrastructural developments for wildlife tourism including construction of a Bird Interpretation Centre, Watch Tower, Boating Jetty, etc. It also undertook skill development programs and organized training programs for poachers so that they could be deployed as eco-guides.


Subsequently Wild Orissa facilitated the involvement of the Orissa tourism department, Chilika Development Authority, Bombay Natural History Society, etc. in areas including protection and conservation of birds as well as development of wildlife tourism.