These efforts almost completely eliminated bird poaching here, and some of the ex-hunters have become die-hard conservationists. Members of bird committee undertook surveillance and patrolling on their own or with members of Wild Orissa and forest department in surrounding area of Chilika to check the bird poaching. The bird protection committee has also taken help of other villagers in bird conservation. [Neema & Ashish, 2006]


The committee members are also involved in various scientific projects like bird census, egg monitoring, etc. which educate them with english names of birds, however the long term experience of these ex-poachers enable them to identify birds, their eggs, their behaviour, important bird habitats, which prove to be very useful contribution for effective conservation of endangered birds. [Neema & Ashish, 2006] The committee members also support and actively take part in research activities done in Mangalajodi area; they get involved in yearly bird census, bird movement monitoring and egg monitoring. [Neema & Ashish, 2006]


The initiative has helped to tackle the perenious problem of poaching of waterfowl in these parts of Chilika Lake. The containing of poaching has had a positive fall out of providing a safe haven for migratory waterfowl. It has helped create a base for future livelihood generation programs including that of wildlife tourism/eco-tourism. [Neema & Ashish, 2006]