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 Chilika Lake situated in the state of Orissa in India is a haven for birds both resident as well as migratory. Interwoven in an intricate human-nature pattern Chilika Lake is the country's largest brackish water body. Every year lakhs of migratory waterfowl descend on these wetlands coming from far of countries. These birds had been facing the hazards of death at the hands of the local residents as well as outsiders. Poaching of birds/water fowl in the Chilka Lake had been going on for hundreds of years, causing irreparable damage to the avi-fauna of this fragile eco-system. [Wild Orissa, 2011] Different forms of killing have been practised which includes use of nets, traps, guns, poisoning, etc.


The method of poisoning employed in these wetlands has been responsible for maximum deaths as with a little effort thousands of birds are killed. Birds are considered a major delicacy in this part of the country, not for the least reason of, as most people in Orissa are non-vegetarian in food habits. A good quantity was consumed locally while much of these birds were regularly sold in the open market, at rates varying from Rs. 20.00 to Rs. 60.00 a piece, depending on the species and method of kill. This sale proceeds was and still is a very attractive proposition for killing waterfowl. A proficient poacher could earn anything between Rs. 10,000.00 to Rs. 40,000.00 in a year. The authorities were helpless watchers, as local sentiments as well as political involvement remained high, and concern for conservation was the least of priorities.